Smart Marketers Read

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Jan 05
Smart Marketers Read

I love reading and think it’s a worthwhile activity for ALL human beings.

But even more so for marketers.


How Reading Makes You A Better Marketer

Of course, reading a good book on business, marketing, copywriting, and related topics will give you knowledge you can apply in your business life.

But other than that, reading makes you a better writer. And we all know writing is an essential skill, not just for copywriters, but for everyone who’s in sales and marketing. And, yes, that’s you, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner.

So you’ve got a lot of freedom here. Read your favourite fiction books, even romance novels, and be assured you’re doing something that’s good for you as a marketer.

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Finally, reading is good for the soul. It can reduce stress, give your brain a break and a boost, and help you be more creative.

Yes, You Can Afford To Read More

If you’ve seen my home office, you know I’m addicted to books. I have shelves, table tops, and corners full of books. I’d rather buy a book than pay for a manicure and pedicure.

But even I have limited resources for books.

If budget is tight, consider this:

  • borrow books from the public library – Borrow from your friends — just make sure to return them!
  • look for free books online – There’s plenty! I got my fill of Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen books by googling free digital copies. Amazon Kindle always has a variety of books available free for a limited amount of time. A number of experts also offer their new books for free, except for the cost of shipping.
  • shop discount books – Scour the used bookstores in your area, and check out book sales in bookstores. Costco and Canadian Superstore sometimes has some really good deals.
  • shop online – Online bookstores are always at least 20% less expensive than brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, the Kindle versions of books are almost always cheaper than their printed counterparts.

If you look into your budget, I’m sure you can find a way to afford at least one new book a month.

I’m starting “Outrageous Advertising ┬áThat’s Outrageously Successful” by Bill Glazer. What book are you currently reading? Post the title and author below, and tell us why you picked that book.


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