Review: Affiliate Advantage by Karon Thackston

By Alexis Rodrigo | Copywriting

Sep 11
Affiliate Advantage Review

There are very few products I want to buy without having read the sales page.

Karon Thackston’s Affiliate Advantage course is one of them.

That’s because of three reasons:

  • I’m always looking for ways to increase the affiliate commissions I earn.
  • I’ve known Karon for years. I know she offers a lot of sales and marketing knowledge and experience, and I'm confident she would deliver on her promises.
  • The price is right.

And so, when I first received Karon’s heads up about the launch of this new product, I replied asking if I could purchase it even though the sales page wasn’t live yet. (I received the email as one of her affiliates. Karon also graciously gave me free access to the course, although I would have gladly paid for it.)

If you want to make more affiliate commissions and more predictably, then you have to stop the one-off promos and random social posts. Do this instead!

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Affiliate Advantage - Review

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Affiliate Advantage: Success Secrets For Making More Commissions promises to help affiliate marketers to boost their commissions by promoting affiliate products through complete campaigns.

Typically, affiliates promote products through one-off promotional emails, random social media posts, and evergreen content such as blog posts and YouTube videos.

While those approaches do work to bring in some affiliate income, they’re not very predictable.

For example, I had a blog post that used to bring me affiliate commissions. However, after a few years, it started receiving fewer and fewer organic traffic, until it stopped making sales altogether.

Affiliate Advantage teaches affiliates how to set up campaigns that they can launch whenever they want, and that will bring in a more predictable income.

This really made my ears perk up, because this campaign approach is precisely what I’ve been doing in my work with six- and seven-figure businesses.

As a copywriter, I help formulate strategies for affiliate campaigns, come up with the narrative, and of course, write the copy for all the promotional materials, emails, and social posts.

When it dawned on me that I could — and should — do something similar in my affiliate marketing, I definitely saw an increase in my sales and therefore commissions. I went from making under $100/month in commissions to $500-$1000 per month. 

Just recently, I did a half-hearted campaign and made a couple of hundred bucks in commissions. Not bad for something I squeezed into my calendar when my workload permitted.

(Note: This doesn’t mean you will get the same results with your affiliate marketing campaigns. There are many factors that will affect your results, including your audience reach and engagement, as well as the types and price points of the products you promote as an affiliate.)

Want to learn how to how to set up affiliate marketing campaigns you can launch whenever they want, and that will bring in a more predictable income? Nobody else teaches this ...

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What Makes Affiliate Advantage Different?

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Affiliate Advantage is the only course I know of that teaches affiliate marketing through campaigns.

I learned how to implement affiliate campaigns by doing. Nobody sat down with me to walk me through the entire process, start to finish. 

Instead, I was dropped in the middle of things and pretty much had to learn through osmosis. 

Fortunately, I had excellent mentors who are brilliant marketers and communicators!

That has been a privilege and luxury for me.

But what if you don’t have that same opportunity?

Well then, Affiliate Advantage is how you can learn how to promote affiliate products through campaigns, too.

Karon walks you through the entire process of creating an affiliate campaign. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll appreciate the day-by-day examples Karon shares in Session 3.

She also teaches how to work with affiliate hosts, not only to come up with an effective campaign, but also to streamline the work for you. In Session 4, for example, Karon walks you through how to take swipe emails and make them your own. This helps your promos stand out with less effort than writing everything from scratch.

Affiliate Advantage Coupon

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Who's Affiliate Advantage For?

Affiliate Advantage is for you, if you’ve already been doing affiliate marketing. You’ve already signed up for some affiliate programs and have started publishing content to promote products.

It’s also best for those who already have some kind of audience to promote to. An email list is ideal, but not necessary, to succeed with this course. Karon, in fact, teaches you how to develop an affiliate marketing campaign even if you have a small list or no list at all.

What about advanced affiliate marketers?

If you’ve been rolling out affiliate marketing campaigns, then you may already know some of the things Karon covers in the course. That was certainly the case for me.

However, I still benefitted from the way Karon organizes the entire process. I also appreciate the worksheets and checklists that help streamline the work. And Karon also has little tips and tricks that are new to me (such as how many emails to send on the last day of the campaign, and exactly what time to send them).

Session 6 of the course covers advanced strategies, and for me, this was the most exciting part of the entire course. The advanced strategies include:

  • 3 ways to stand out from the competition with content - This is essential if you’re participating in a product launch where dozens of other marketers are promoting the same product. If you follow this advice, you may out-perform affiliates who have bigger lists than you do.
  • How to leverage successful campaigns for passive income
  • How to repurpose content to avoid writing everything from scratch

Affiliate Advantage Review: In Summary ...


  • Affiliate Advantage is the only course I know of that teaches how to promote affiliate products through campaigns.
  • Each video lesson is short; there's no fluff, so you can implement right away.
  • Worksheets are included, to help you get organized and apply what you've learned.
  • Karon has a Facebook group where you can ask her questions about the content of the course.


  • There are no transcripts for the videos. This isn't a big deal for me, but I'm putting it out there in case this is something that might be a deal breaker for you.
  • You can't post your comments and questions right on the course site; you have to join the Facebook group to do so. While you'll get answers, it may be hard for you to find it again later on.
  • Karon doesn't go in-depth into how to strategically plan out the actual content of your campaign.


I recommend Affiliate Advantage to anyone who’s serious about affiliate marketing. 

Running affiliate campaigns is how you take your affiliate marketing to the next level and do it like a seven-figure business — even if you’re a one-person team.

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