2017 Content Marketing Predictions: Hit or Miss?

By Alexis Rodrigo | Social Media

Dec 21
2017 content marketing predictions

Ever notice how many experts make predictions at the end of every year... but almost nobody goes back to their predictions to see which came to pass and which were way off mark?

I decided to do just that in this video presentation:

Prefer to read? Here's a summary:

The 2017 Content Marketing Predictions

Here are the predictions I found on the Mention blog and my take on each one:

1. "There’ll be more unique content types."

My Take: Miss

I haven't seen this so much. Most of what I see is still me-too content. 

Most of what I see is still me-too content. 

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And this is good news for you! There's still plenty of opportunity to stand out, especially if you're not in a content-rich industry.

2. "Marketers will cover more niche and specific topics."

My Take: Hit

I take this to mean content that goes "narrow and deep." I'm seeing more of this rather than the previous very generic content that used to dominate the internet.

3. "More video marketing"

My Take: Hit... sort of

This prediction has absolutely come true, but what it missed is live video. That is all the rage now and even LinkedIn recently added native video, and I think it will enable live streaming soon.

4. "There will be more content marketing, less advertising."

My Take: Miss

Marketers are doing more content marketing, but that doesn't mean they're doing less advertising. Although they are advertising less on traditional media but more on social media.

For example, CNBC reported that Facebook's advertising revenue went up 50% in the first quarter of 2017.

As predicted, online video is big as ever, specifically LIVE video. Even Linkedin has native video now.

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The last prediction on the Mention post was, "You’ll need to focus more on consistent engagement." This isn't a prediction but a prescription, so I decided not to evaluate it.

Instead, I'd like to point out a prediction from another website:

5. “More brands will launch print magazines as a way to cut through the clutter.” -Joe Pulizzi

My Take: Close to a hit

This prediction struck me because I just recently told a client to consider sending a monthly print magazine instead of a membership site. 

In the online industry, what better way to stand out than to send physical products?

What All This Means for You

1. There's still plenty of bland content, which means a huge opportunity for you to stand out.

2. Go narrow--specific and niche--and deep, if you want your content to resonate.

3. If you haven't done so yet, get on video, specifically live video.

4. Content marketing isn't going away and neither is advertising, especially on platforms that deliver a positive ROI, such as Facebook.

5. Consider using physical products to reach and serve your audience.

In an industry that's completely online, what better way to stand out than to use physical products?

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What do you think? 

Do you agree with my take on these predictions? Say your piece in the comments below!


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