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copywriting templates and swipe files

Why Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files Don’t Always Work

If you’ve used copywriting templates, you know they’re never as fool-proof as their proponents promise them to be. One might work like gangbusters. Another might fall flat.Why is that, and what can you do about it?Writing templates can be hit-or-miss because they don't account for a key ingredient in effective writing: CONTEXT.And by context, I

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Get meaningful feedback on your copy

How to Get Meaningful Feedback on Your Work

Have you ever posted in a group asking folks to give you feedback on something you drafted?  Chances are, the responses you got were hit-or-miss. They were vague, random, irrelevant—or worst—downright wrong. Part of it could be because they weren’t your target audience. Especially if you’re in a very specific and highly specialized niche, the ordinary person

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Feast-or-Famine Cycle

Service Providers: Get Out of the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

If you're a service provider and you're stuck in a feast-or-famine cycle, watch this video to get an idea that will help you to have a more stable, predictable income:Prefer to Read? Here's the TranscriptNOTE: This was generated using Artificial Intelligence, so it's not 100% accurate.Hi here's another in car video for you while waiting

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