improve content marketing 2021
Apr 17

5 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing In 2021

By Partnered Post | Business

Every kind of business needs to pay close attention to its content marketing strategies. As trends and technologies change, you’ll need to keep up with the times. To improve your content in 2021, you’ll be glad of the following pointers.Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels1 . Consider a podcastAccording to Small Biz Genius ‘, Brands that advertise their […]

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emails still matter
Mar 30

Why Do Emails Still Matter?

By Partnered Post | Business

As new technology is released, the old-fashioned ways of working steadily move down the food chain. Remember how faxing and beeping were once things? Now they are gone and hardly ever used. Emails appear as if they are going the same way.Yes, people still send them, but there are other ways to communicate that are […]

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