How to Embed Video on Your Blog or Site

By Alexis Rodrigo | Video Marketing

Oct 29

One of the commonly asked questions about video blogging or video marketing is: “How do I embed video on my blog or site?” I answer that question in the video below.

As you can see, you have several options, from the completely free one (YouTube), to paid options with a range of features.

If you're just starting out, why not start with the easiest and free option? As your use of video grows, then you can begin to invest in hosting your video on Amazon S3 and a paid FLV player.

I forgot to mention that another disadvantage of using YouTube is that, when viewers click on the video itself (which some people feel compelled to do), they'll get redirected to the YouTube site. This is NOT good at all, if you're using the video on an opt-in page or a sales page, because you don't want your viewers getting lost in YouTube.

If I missed other options, or if you have follow-up questions, please post them in the comments section below.

Thank you!

Lexi Rodrigo


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Lexi Rodrigo is a communication and marketing professional for multimillion-dollar businesses, co-author of Blog Post Ideas: 21 Proven Ways to Create Compelling Content and Kiss Writer's Block Goodbye, and host of "Marketing Insights LIVE!." Connect with Lexi on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

  • David Wang says:

    Great tips! I’m going to check out Easy Video Player – looks good but I’ve got questions. How customizable is it though? Can a web geek like me customize it further with JavaScript & CSS? Also, how is the support? It seems like a very internet-marketing centric product so I’m concerned about support.

    • Alexis says:

      @David – Thanks, David. Easy Video Player generates java scripts rather than HTML code (in contrast, Long Tail Player gives you both). Here’s an example:

      Easy Video Player embed code

      You’re right about it looking very IM-centric. I hate all the popups and downsells etc they have after you look at the sales page. It’s annoying even to me. However, I continue to promote it because I haven’t seen any other software that can do the same thing.

      As for support, I’m quite happy with it. I accidentally blew up (here I go again) my previous installation of EVP1 and, even though they say it takes them 48 hours to respond to support tickets, because of the recent launch, I actually got an email back after a few hours. I haven’t solved my problem yet, but mostly it’s because I refuse to give them my FTP access details and insist on fixing things myself.

      There’s also a forum where you can search previous questions, as well as step-by-step tutorials of how to do things with EVP.

      I hope that helps!

      • David Wang says:

        Hi Lexi, thanks for following up. I like the features of EVP too (especially the call to action buttons) but I may investigate free options like Flowplayer first. If I can’t figure it out and need support, I’ll go for EVP. Thanks for your review!

        • Alexis says:

          @David Want – No problem, David! Please double-check the terms of use of the free options. Some allow you to use for free only on non-commercial sites 😀

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