From Exhausted Freelancer to Happy Entrepreneur (Angela Wills’ Journey)

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Mar 21
Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Are you a freelancer who's feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out because you have to serve all these clients and market your services at the same time?

Are you tired of the feast and famine cycle? Of not being able to predict your income or worrying about whether you'll be able to pay all your bills next month or several months down the road?

Or are you the type of freelancer who just wishes you could drop all or most of your clients, so you can truly have only one boss—yourself?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then this episode of Marketing Insights LIVE! is just for you:

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Angela's Awe-Inspiring Transformation

Angela Wills is a good friend of mine who was in the exact same situation  I just described and she did something about it.

She transformed her business from a service-based business into a product-based business.

And now she is living the life of her dreams.

She has time for her children. She loves her business and she's making more money than ever.

Angela is the creator of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and other products for business owners.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

  • What was the impetus for you to change your business model from service-based to product-based? - 04:59
  • How did you make the transition? Did you do it gradually or did you simply fire all your clients one day and jump in? - 10:12
  • Did you have to change your audience? - 14:49
  • How do you create your products so you get paid faster? - 17:35
  • What was the biggest mistake you made? - 21:04
  • What was the best decision you made? - 25:37
  • If you could go back to Angela in 2008, what advice would you give her? - 30:37

Are you an exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out freelancer? There's another way to have the business (and life) you love! With @angelawills

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Your Next Step

I recently did the Daily Moneymaker Challenge with Angela, and I'd like to share something I learned from the challenge with you.

I thought I was already the Queen of Pitch; I could shamelessly pitch myself or my products. But after going through this challenge, I learned that I could be pitching more and making sales more.

Selling is a very crucial skill as a business owner, whether you're a service provider or a product seller or a combination of both. You just  have to get comfortable with asking for the sale and closing the sale.

One of the things I got from that challenge was this wonderful list of daily moneymaker tasks. I put that together with some of my own ideas for moneymaker tasks that I brainstormed during the challenge and came up with 45 Ways to Make a Sale Daily!

45 Ways to Make a Sale Daily

Want to go from freelancer to product-based entrepreneur? Here's  how one shy virtual assistant did it.

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What percentage of your income comes from providing services? Would you like to work with clients less and offer more of your own products? Do share!

PS: Angela attributes much of her success to community. Check out Angela's community here.


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