So Your Infoproduct Bombed

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Oct 15

You may have already noticed that the most successful online marketers sell their own information products. But what if you created an information product, marketed it on the Internet… and it bombed?

All is not lost. In fact, an infoproduct is never wasted. In this video, I show you several ways you can still turn that flop into a profit maker. (Note: This turned out small. For best results, click on the square icon at the bottom right corner to watch the video fullscreen.)

Even an infoproduct that doesn't sell well can still “work” for you by helping you:

  • build your list
  • create tons of content
  • sell more of your other stuff
  • let others make money for you

Have you ever sold a product that flopped? How did you deal with it? Did you give up on it, or did you squeeze as much profit juice out of it as you could?

Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you!

Lexi Rodrigo

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Lexi Rodrigo is a communication and marketing professional for multimillion-dollar businesses, co-author of Blog Post Ideas: 21 Proven Ways to Create Compelling Content and Kiss Writer's Block Goodbye, and host of "Marketing Insights LIVE!." Connect with Lexi on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

  • Alexis Neely says:

    Yep, my first info product was a BIG flop – and I’d invested over $15,000 to create it! Ugh. How frustrating. But, I did turn it around and built a million dollar biz on the back of it by shifting my focus and leveraging it in a totally different way than I had thought about when I created it.

    • Alexis says:

      @Alexis – Goes to show, even the brightest and most brilliant among us can have an occasional flop 😉 It’s very inspiring how you managed to turn things around. Thanks for sharing, Alexis!

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