7 Reasons to Join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity Today!

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Jul 26
Reasons to Join Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

Any of these business-building reasons alone is more than enough reason to join the community. But if you’re still on the fence, then let me give you 7 great reasons:

1. It’s not your usual online community that only makes the owner richer.

Have you ever paid to be a member of a community where the monthly “premium content” consisted of the owner interviewing an expert… who then proceeds to promote their product to you? Yep, been there, done that!

In other words, you pay the community owner so that they can earn affiliate commissions off of you! Frustrating, isn’t?

LLYOU is nothing like that. Every piece of content in the member’s area is created from scratch by Angela Wills, the owner. The community more than pays for itself through membership fees, not through affiliate promotions.

2. Exclusive access to courses and action plans.

As a member of LLYOU, you get immediate access to over $1K dollars worth of training courses and action plans. As of this writing, there are five courses and 13 action plans in the Courses Library, and Angela adds new ones all the time. 

This means it’ll be a very long time, indeed, before you have to spend one more cent on yet another course for your online business. It truly is a “YOUniversity” 😉

Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity Course Library

3. Accountability

If you need to get more motivated to get things done in your business (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll love the Weekly Accountability Meetings. We meet on Zoom once a week to make a public commitment about what we’d like to accomplish that week. Can’t make it live? No problem, each meeting is recorded and posted in the member’s forum, so you can catch up and add your own commitment as a comment.

These weekly meetings are also a great opportunity to “see” other members, get to know each other better, and discuss issues that may have been bugging you (single vs double opt-in, for example).

4. Member Collaborations

This is what I consider to be the crowning glory of LLYOU: members actually collaborate with each other! The community has four collaborations per year, and each one is designed to help members grow their lists and make more sales.

These collaborations have been driving me to create my own digital products. Now, I have doubled my email list and created my own library of courses, too!

Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

5. Angela Wills

I’ve known Angela since 2008 and have even met her in person a few times. She’s a true online success story. She rescued herself from a factory job and unsatisfactory work as a virtual assistant and now runs her own business on her own terms.

Unlike other online marketing teachers, Angela doesn’t try to impress you with flashy cars and a glamorous lifestyle. She shares details about her income, is brutally honest about debt, and never downplays the amount of work it takes to succeed. She’s the real deal.

Most of all, Angela is truly present for LLYOU members. She’s always on the community forum and responds to private messages.

Masterminding - Online Community Networking

6. Me and Other Members

Hey, you get to hang out with me! 😉

But seriously, LLYOU members are a terrific bunch. We’re serious about building our businesses—that’s why we invest every month to stay in the community. We love freebies as much as the next person, but we’re also more than happy to invest in quality products and programs. And, we’re action-takers. We’re creating products, building lists, getting clients, and not just talking about it!

We also come from a variety of backgrounds. This means you have access to expertise in different areas of running a business. That’s expertise you can tap simply by posting in the forum.

What was it that Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich? Oh yeah…

The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.

You can access “the force” in LLYOU!

7. Results

As with anything, you get into LLYOU what you put into it. But this community is especially designed to get results. Members are learning, doing, and earning. Just take a look at what some of us have accomplished in such a short time.

Looking for a way to network online and promote your product (without spamming)? LLYOU might be the place for you!

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BONUS Reason 8. Get my collaboration tip sheet.

Become a bonafide, paying member of LLYOU through my link, and I will send you my top tips for getting the best results from the community’s giveaways and product bundles. 

You’ll discover:

  • My ninja trick to drive more traffic to your landing page than almost anybody else
  • How to encourage people to stay in your list instead of unsubscribing as soon as they download your freebie lead offer
  • The often-neglected but incredibly important elements that boost your results (plus my checklist so you don’t forget)

Test-drive LLYOU starting today for 30 days at no cost. 

When you decide to stay, let me know and I’ll send you my tip sheet.

Or, join on an annual membership to save big and get my tip sheet immediately.

It’s your choice.

Either way, you experience the LLYOU difference right away.

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