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By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

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Jan 14

Blogging is an essential business tool, but it's also a lot of work. The key thing to get free traffic and build a solid following is to publish new posts regularly. As I showed you previously, just publishing posts more often can lead to a significant increase in traffic – without doing anything else.

Blog editorial calendar

Therein lies the problem. Coming up with new, unique content for your blog can be a lot of work. If you're a writer, enjoy writing, and have time to write, this may not be a challenge.

But what if, like me, you write for half a dozen blogs? Or what if you had a traumatic experience in English composition class and now absolutely hate writing? Or you're a pretty good writer but your business has reached a level wherein you have very little time, energy and brain cells for writing?

Introduction to the blog editorial calendar

One tool that can make your blogging tasks much easier is a blog editorial calendar. It's simply a calendar where you plan which topics you're going to blog about on which specific days.

I began using a blog editorial calendar in October 2009 when I published a post at for 31 days straight. That's when I discovered the power of this tool. Writing became faster, easier and more effective because I can make sure my blog posts are relevant to current events. I'm also able to plan for series of posts, anticipate when I'll be needing guest bloggers, and be prepared to make interviews.

A free blog editorial calendar for you

If you'd like to try out a blog editorial calendar to make sure your business blog has regular fresh content, you can download this free one, compliments of Blog Energizer:

2010 Blogging Calendar

Of course you could very easily make your own blog editorial calendar. However, what's cool with Blog Energizer's calendar is that it includes the various occasions, special days, and other celebrations throughout the year. This comes in really handy when you're out of topics for your blog. Plus, having content that's relevant to current events makes your blog more attractive both to your readers and the search engines 😉

Go ahead and download your 2010 blogging calendar. Simply right click the link below and save into your computer.

2010 Blogging Calendar

Have you ever used a blog editorial calendar before? What do you think of this one?

PS: The above links are affiliate links. If you decide later to sign up for a premium account at Blog Energizer, I will earn a commission for as long as you remain a member. However, the blog calendar is free to download, whether you get a paid account or not. Enjoy!

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  • Birdy says:


    Just printed the calendar out, and I must say, I think this post was an answer to a request for marital harmony re:our biz. 😀

    This will be a great way to make sure that all our ideas and areas get covered at the appropriate time, so we can then leave room for happenstance.

    Going to check out their site too – sounds like they have some great stuff to offer.

    Another great post! 🙂 Repeating my earlier request for e-mail subs as well as RSS – I don’t want to miss a post, but w/things the way they are right now, building-wise, I don’t always remember to come here, and touching my Reader would be dangerous! 😛

    Thank you so much! 🙂
    -Birdy! :>

  • jean says:

    Hey Lexi! Do you have or do you plan to make a 2011 blogging calendar?? If so, where can I find it?



  • Takumi says:

    and I printed out ceanldar sheets for the rest of the year. I used a0a 2012 ceanldar freebie from Tom Kat Studios. I only touch my ceanldar with a pencil, beacuse things change all. the. time. And that’s

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