Tell It Thursday: Stiletto

By Alexis Rodrigo | Copywriting

Apr 09

High Heels
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Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post was a picture of stilettos. People who know me would wonder at my choice of that picture because they know that I never ever wear high heels, much less stilettos. However, I chose that picture – not only because it coordinates with the color scheme of this blog – but because it symbolizes a marketing system that I'd like to discuss today… the She Factor Marketing System by Lorrie Morgan Ferrero.

I received this home study course through Kelly McCausey's Christmas WAHM wishes giveaway last Christmas. The course finally landed on my doorstep last week and I've been squeezing it into my day, between client work, family time and my other home businesses.

The rationale for the She Factor Marketing System is the understanding that males and females are different from each other, not only on the physical level, but also in terms of how we perceive the world, make sense of things, and make decisions.

This is the kind of belief that got me not a few raised eyebrows while I was still in the United Nations. It's simply politically incorrect to say that males and females were fundamentally different. I was told that this kind of thinking was “dangerous” in that it led to the conclusion that, therefore, males and females were not equals.

Still, I have held on to my belief that being equal in rights and dignity does not mean being “identical”.

I am pleased that Lorrie and other marketers recognize this fundamental difference between genders… which means marketers should treat them differently as well. So far, I have only gone through the first few pages of the workbook binder and the first couple of hours of the DVD, so I can't go into a lot of details here. Besides, I wouldn't want to spoil the She Factor experience for you. If you want to learn more, just click here to read all about it (particularly how marketing to women is like sex). You'll learn tons just from reading the sales page.


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  • Excellent article, Lexi! Glad you’re getting something from the course.

    I have to say I battled for a long time before coming out with The She Factor. I DIDN’T want it to come off like gender wars or one is better than the other. (Not saying you’re saying I did.) But the more research I did it was just an undeniable fact that men and women perceive things differently and as marketers, it’s critical to take those perceptions into account.

    Thanks for writing this!


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