A Call for Non-violence in Web Copywriting

By Alexis Rodrigo | Copywriting

Oct 22

Non-Violence in Web CopywritingIs it just me or is anybody else alarmed with the amount of violence in web copywriting nowadays?

Just look at the headlines of sales pages. You’d think every one is out to become a “ninja” at every desirable skill, “kick b**t” in their field, and “annihilate” or “crush” every one who gets in their way.

Is that really how you see yourself? Is that how our readers see themselves?

It’s Time for Different Words

In a world where teens are killing themselves because of bullying, I call on my fellow copywriters to stop using violent language.

Obviously the saying “sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me” is simply untrue.

Words can and do hurt.

Not only that, words evoke feelings, affect our self-esteem, and even shape our destinies (just ask the Law of Attraction folks).

But, Lexi, Violence Sells

I can’t argue with that. Violence, oddly enough, is gratifying. Just look at the blockbuster movies. Most of them are violent.

And, hey, I myself enjoy watching CSI and Bones.

But here’s the thing: violence is not the only thing that sells.

So What Now?

I suggest we look at other aspects of humanity that resonate with our readers. Let’s look at other areas as inspiration for our metaphors and imagery, such as:

  • Sports

I’m not big on sports, but many people are! Sports provide plenty of language we can use to represent winning and success. A few examples:

    • “homerun”
    • “champion”
    • gold medal”
  • Spirituality

Let’s not forget that most of our readers are probably deeply spiritual people. While you may not want to use words that are specific to one religion (unless you are writing for members of that religion), you can draw on other aspects of spirituality in your copy. Spiritual words include:

    • “enlightenment”
    • “paradise”
    • “nirvana”
  • Romance

Women as well as men are longing for intimate connection, so romantic language could very well help sell your products/services. Romantic language includes words like:

    • “love”
    • “king”
    • “magic”

You can read more about using feminine romantic words in your copy here.

My Challenge To You

The bottom line is this: It IS possible to use non-violent copy and still sell.

In fact, I dare say that in certain markets and products, this non-violent language is more appropriate and effective.

The problem is, we need to look farther and work harder to find alternative language. One that our readers can connect with.

Are copywriters willing to go the extra mile to discover and use that language? I hope so. Let’s do it! Our survival could depend on it.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Am I over-reacting? Are there other sources of non-violent language that we can look at?

I’d love to read your comments below.

Lexi Rodrigo

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