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By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Nov 11

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How can you promote your products/services when selling makes you feel icky?

This is the dilemma of one of my readers–whom we shall refer to as “Anna.” Anna says she’s uncomfortable about approaching prospects and even offering them free content, because she feels like she’s taking advantage of their pain.

Here’s my video response to Anna:

If You Hate Selling

To overcome this icky feeling towards selling, I suggest you:

  • recognize the value of your product/service by brainstorming all the benefits they bring to your customers/clients. If you’re not fully convinced of the value you bring, then think of ways to increase the value of your products/services. Think of how you can deliver twice, three times or more the amount your customers are paying you.
  • change your mindset about selling. Knowing that you can help your customers to either solve a problem or achieve their goals, then it becomes your responsibility to reach as many prospects as possible and educate them about your offer.

I like Lisa Sasevich’s advice to be “committed but detached” to the selling process. She says, in a sales conversation, be committed to providing all the information your prospect needs to make a decision about your offer. At the same time, be emotionally detached to your prospect’s decision, whether he/she accepts or declines your offer.

Your Thoughts

Does this help you feel better about promoting your products and services to the world?

Or if you’re an experienced marketer, what advice do you have for Anna and those who, like her, feel uncomfortable about selling?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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