3 Unusual Ways to Use an iPad When Making Videos

By Alexis Rodrigo | Video Marketing

Dec 13

Got an iPad? It's a lot of fun to use. But did you know it also comes in pretty handy when you're making online videos?

Here are the 3 unusual ways I use mine when I make different kinds of videos:

  1. As a second monitor when I'm having a webinar or web conference, wherein I share my screen
  2. As an audio play when I do screen cast video tutorials
  3. As a light source for talking heads videos

ForĀ  details, watch the video below (watch in HD for best viewing!):


To get even more ideas for using our iPads, I'm tagging my blogger friends, to respond with a blog post and/or a video of their own. (I'll link to their responses as soon as they do):

Lynette Chandler of TechBased Marketing – Lynette's a tech whiz, great at teaching us the technologically challenged, and a wonderful marketer. I'm sure she'll have cool contributions to this topic.

Jeff Young of Catholic Foodie – Jeff, the talent behind the Catholic Foodie blog and podcast, is a creative soul. Looking forward to his thoughts!

Do you use your iPad in unusual or unexpected ways? How? Share them in the comments below!


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