Tools to Shoot Video with Your iPhone

By Alexis Rodrigo | Video Marketing

Aug 22

Have you seen the TV ad that says more photos are now taken with an iPhone than a digital camera?

It's true in the case of video, too.

In fact, in my last two vacations, I didn't even bother to bring my digital cameras anymore. I knew I could shoot all the photos and videos I wanted with my iPhone.

If you already own an iPhone and want to get started with or do more video marketing, then you already have the most important tool you need.

A client of mine attended a big social media conference and recorded video interviews armed only with her iPhone.

So no more excuses. Shoot and publish more online videos now, with your iPhone.

But for better results, you need a few more accessories. Don't worry, they're affordable, as you will see below:

Lapel Microphone

Clear audio is even more important than clear images in video. Hard to believe, but it's true! So if you're going to record in a noisy environment, such as in a large gathering or outdoors where it's windy, then you'll probably need an external microphone to get better audio than a naked iPhone would give you.

Some recommended microphones to use with your iPhone:

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

Good feedback overall, but does require a TRS to TRRS adapter. Also quite inexpensive.

Rode Smartlav Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones


More expensive than the AT, but it doesn't require an adapter; it was built specifically for smartphones.


Edutige EIM-001 iMicrophone Voice Recorder and Smartline (ESL-001) Extension Cable

edutige eim-001 imicrophone with smartline extension cable

A mid-priced option that gives you the ability to use the Edutige iMicrophone by itself for voice recording. Don't forget to buy the Smartline extension cable so you can use the iMicrophone as a lapel mic!


It's awkward to take “selfie” videos, much less hold the iPhone in front of your face while you're interviewing somebody else. The result is a very shaky and ill-composed video. You can solve this problem with any of these items:

iStabilizer ISTMP01 Smartphone Monopod


This monopod fits most smartphones, not just the iPhone. You can use it to hold the iPhone steady when shooting a subject in front of you. Alternatively, it acts like an extension of your arm when recording yourself or you with another person. It's lightweight, so you won't get tired right away. The camera mount is removableĀ and allows you to mount your iPhone onto any standard tripod. And for this price, it's a no-brainer.



If you'd rather go hands-free, then a tripod is a better fit for you. There are so many available out there; I don't have a specific recommendation. In fact, you may already have one. If so, all you need is an adapter so you can mount your iPhone onto the tripod.

Swivl Personal Cameraman


Of all the items on this list, this is the one I'm most excited about (it's on my birthday wishlist and I cannot wait to own it!). It's an iPhone stand that comes with its own wireless mic. The camera knows where you are and swivels left-to-right and tilts up or down to follow you if you move around. You can also control the iPhone remotely. It's the priciest item on this list, but it also pretty much replaces everything else.


With good natural lighting, the equipment listed above are really all you need to shoot video with your iPhone.

How do you take photos and videos on your iPhone? What tools do you use? Is there anything I should add to this list?

Lexi Rodrigo Copywriter Social Media Manager

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  • Lexi you are bang on with your take on what we’re using to take videos today. I had no idea about the nifty tools available to help me to take even better videos with my iPhone. I have some birthday gift suggestions for my family too! Super post.

    • Alexis Rodrigo says:

      @Sharon – If you’re interested in the Swivl, don’t buy it yet, Sharon! I just found out a new one is coming out in the next couple of months. I also discovered a couple of other options for the microphone, and will be updating my post soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Val says:

    Oh goodness, that last swivl accessory looks awesome.

    I’ve had my phone less than a year and am still just getting into it. HOWEVER, it worked awesome for wrestling last year. Hubby works 24’s so I could video matches and instantly upload to my personal youtube or send them to him to watch as if he was there.

    I probably should get tripod so I can set it a little away from me and not have it be as shaky.

    • Alexis Rodrigo says:

      @Val – That’s the main benefit of using our smartphones for video marketing: It’s instantaneous! A tripod or other stabilizer is always a good idea. Let me know which tripod you decide to buy; I’m in the market for one, too.

  • Diana Walker says:

    Wow Alexis – this is fascinating – I had not heard of the Swivl Personal Cameraman – that is so fascinating! I only bought a smartphone last month – I have been used to having a separate camera and a separate flip video (which I’ve used since 2008) – so I have a lot to learn.
    Thanks for all the tips and advice!

    • Alexis Rodrigo says:

      @Diana Walker – Isn’t technology amazing? I can’t wait to get the new Swivl!

      • Diana Walker says:

        Oh, Alexis – I’m just coming back now and see your response, and that my comment is here (I had thought it had not shown up earlier) – Yes, I’m excited to learn more about the new Swivl!!

  • I’m definitely one of the last dinosaurs without a smartphone! Very cool technology! And I also recently heard that the number of megapixels in the smartphones is much MUCH higher than even in digital cameras, so that sounds like a great investment.

    • Alexis Rodrigo says:

      @Christina Lemmey – I, too, got on the smartphone bandwagon a bit late. And with my first smartphone, I didn’t even get a dataplan! But soon I realized what a valuable productivity and marketing tool a smartphone can be.

  • Jendi says:

    I’ve always had good success with the Audio Technica brand.
    And I agree that the Swivl sounds awesome!

  • Andre says:

    Lexi, just checked out your website and loved this post. I was looking for a few tools to make my iPhone recordings better. Thank you for putting this together.

  • NepJune says:

    Jose Great video. Thanks. Could you also describe what emipuqent was used to film the video on the iPad itself? I need to provide some videos and I having a heck of time selecting a god filming emipuqent. Last night, I finally settled with using 2 iPads. One for recording and another for showing the device. Even that, the image quality is still not as good as what demo here. Perhaps share your best practices with us!

  • Jim Oxford says:

    The Rode Smartlav is the greatest purchase I have made so far in regards to iphone video marketing. I suggest everyone get one. I haven’t tried the swivel yet but it will be my next purchase.

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