What Works In Marketing? Find Out By Asking This Simple Question

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Jan 12

To find out what marketing strategies and techniques are working and should be scaled up, ask yourself this question:

“How did your paying clients find you?”

Think about the most recent paying clients you have. Not people or businesses who inquired about your product. Not the ones who enjoyed a free sample or trial and never made a purchase.

Think of the ones who actually spent money with you.

How did they find out about you and your product or service?

In my case, my last three clients found me through referrals and Twitter.

One referral was from a client I began working with in 2009. I emailed her and asked for referrals. And she recommended me to an excellent prospect.

The other referral was from a contact I made in a local networking group. You can be sure I'm going to stay active there.

Twitter was a pleasant surprise. I'd been neglecting my own social media marketing the past couple of years, but had more time for it recently. After a few days of being more active, a prospect actually found me.

What about you? How do your customers find you? Take note and do more of that kind of marketing.

By the way, if you don't know how you're getting clients, make it part of your marketing plan to find out. It's essential for you to be able to track your marketing efforts and know what works and what doesn't.

So what marketing strategies have been putting money in your pocket?

Let us know in the comments below.


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Lexi Rodrigo is a communication and marketing professional for multimillion-dollar businesses, co-author of Blog Post Ideas: 21 Proven Ways to Create Compelling Content and Kiss Writer's Block Goodbye, and host of "Marketing Insights LIVE!." Connect with Lexi on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.