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By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

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Jul 23

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There's no doubt about it, online video is fast dominating the Internet.

  • in terms of the amount of video content being published every day
  • the huge numbers of people consuming video online
  • and the conversions– sales and opt-ins– that far out-perform pure text or audio content

So if you publish content online, such as a blog, then online video is a wonderful tool for you to:

  • be more searchable
  • reach a bigger audience
  • build a stronger rapport
  • drive more opt-ins and sales

Fortunately, creating video and publishing it online has become much easier recently than in just the last five years. Cameras are cheaper, built into computers and even cellphones. It's easy to publish in sites like YouTube and even your own blog. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also make it super easy to share your videos and have them shared around or go viral. That said, video is NOT as easy as, say, firing up your WordPress blog, typing a 450-word post and hitting publish. There's lots of technical details to get over, such as what's the best format for smallest size but good quality? Where should I store my videos? How do I structure the content? Should you write a script beforehand? shoot indoors or out? How much do I need to invest in a camera, microphone and lights? Plus other questions like how do I sell effectively in a video? Or what if I'm shy or embarrassed about my accent? overweight, underweight, having a bad hair day? Can I still use video? There are so many questions that you want answers to, if you want to start video blogging, or get much better at it. That's why I've arranged to interview Gideon Shalwick, a video marketing and video blogging expert, in a free webinar. I invite you to join us. That way, you can ask Gideon your own questions and get advice about your biggest challenges in video blogging. This is a no-cost webinar. Your only investment is a couple of minutes to register and one hour to participate in the webinar. If you were to consult with Gideon, it would cost you hundreds of dollars. I'm not even sure he accepts consulting clients. So get expert advice–for free. Sign up in the form below. See you there!

PS: Gideon has just released his Rapid Video Blogging special report and video series. Click here to see how Rapid Video Blogging can help you get more traffic, jack up your subscriber list, and help you sell more products and services.


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  • Satu says:

    This looks very good, Lexi. Too bad it will be 3 am here in Finland, otherwise I would gladly participate…

    I loved your Video Marketing for the Clueless I downloaded from Elite database. 🙂

    • Alexis says:

      @Satu – Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked Video Marketing for the Clueless 😀

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